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How do I earn money?

We have made this very easy. We will pay you a referral fee for every new advertiser or publisher you send to our company that JOINS, using our Sign-Up form. $5 for publishers referred, $10 for advertisers referred. We will also give you 10% of the revenues generated from the publishers you referred.

Does it cost anything to join, and start referring people?

No fees to join. Publisher and Advertiser accounts are free to signup.

How do I know if I made any money?

Referral earnings are tracked and displayed within your Publisher account interface.
It’s a simple process, all you need is a publisher account, referral link URL, or referral banner code advertisement. You can also promote via PPC, forums, blogs, news sites, emails, social sites, etc etc.  As the number of your referrals increases, you keep gaining revenue. The 10% comes from the revenue generated by each of your publisher referrals.

Here’s the best news: there is no limit to the amount of publishers and advertisers you can refer!
*some conditions apply


  1) Refer New Publishers and get $5.00 per signup, and 10% earnings per month!
  2) Refer New Advertisers and get $10.00 per signup only 


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