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April 6th 2009 - Toronto Ontario- Unveils New Design and Improves Ad Network Interface Network launches a revamped website, providing easier campaign setup and navigation for media buyers and value proposition to both Advertisers and Publishers Read More


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06/15/2009 - Modifying Your Campaign
Hello Advertisers, We now allow you to modify your campaigns, but keep in mind that when you do. Your campaign will go offline, and into pending mode, and will need approval by our staff.

01/08/2009 - New Reports Center
Hello Advertisers, We are now allowing you to access your account for stats/reports. If you need to change urls, frequency caps, geo targets, daily spends and so on, please contact your Account rep to request this. In a few short months, we will open up all the features of optimizing & managing your own campaigns. Please send us any questions you may have. ~Support


06/04/2009 - XML Feed
Hello Publishers. XML feed is now available within your account.
To start we need around 500 clicks before we can move you to our premium network. The 500 clicks are for quality assurance purposes for our advertisers. During the testing period you will be on our core network which consists of lower bidding advertisers




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