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Interactive advertising continues to demonstrate year over year growth, out performing other media because of its ability to deliver value for advertisers in a way unmatched by traditional methods. Advertisers realize they must ante-up if they want to continue to thrive in this ultra-competitive landscape

*Behavioral Targeting

We can serve ads based on your customer’s browsing behavior.


Retargeting works by evaluating consumers’ behaviors while they are visiting your Web site. Targeted messages are delivered to those consumers after they leave based on whether or not they completed a desired action.


We can overlay geographic data such as country with demographic information.


Users who visited vertical sites of the Travel sector, for example, would become part of the “Travel Channel”. Reach those exact users when they are found on other more general content type sites and serve targeted ads according to their previously shown interest.


We can serve ads based on specific words that are entered into a search engine, XML feeds, Search Box, Link Exchange, Blog, Forums, News & Content sites by our publishers.         



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