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SEARCH ADS - CPC has a impressive suite of online search advertising solutions. In-Text is one of the newest services we recently acquired from The majority of our search traffic comes from vertical search engines, blogs, forums, niche web portals, popular third-party websites, news & content driven sites. Our CPC rates are much lower than any other Tier One Search Engine Ad Networks..  More Info




We offer performance based online marketing with no risk to you. We understand our goals and yours. We accept offers in different Countries and Verticals. There is no setup or signup fee to get started with our CPA model. You only need to be accepted in our program. More Info


Our Display ads platform allows brands to target more than 300+ million unique visitors a month via an array of methods such as videos, banners, popunders, and text ads. Advertisers benefit from a broader set of monetization abilities & various display ad formats, including all IAB standard sizes. Only the best publishers are selected into our network using quality screening, to produce higher conversion rates for your campaign budgets. More Info



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